Revitalise your skin

Microneedling (or collagen induction therapy) is the use of very small needles to repeatedly penetrate the layers of the skin in order to induce a wound healing response.

The result on ageing or uneven skin texture is is more youthful, smoother and tighter looking skin. Microneedling can be performed on the face, neck. décolletage  and backs of hands – all our tell-tell ageing areas!. The procedure is performed to your chosen areas, where the depth of the needles will be tailored to your skin needs. After the Micro-Needling is finished, you will benefit from relaxing under the Dermalux LED light to boost your results and reduce any downtime.

This treatment is perfect for:

– Stretch marks

– Enlarged pores

– Acne scars, surgical scars and atrophic scars

– Uneven skin complexion and texture

– Sun damaged skin

– Fien lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing


SkinPen (FACE)£1791 hour
SkinPen (FACE, NECK)£1991 hour 20 minutes
SkinPen (Face) x course of 3£4301 hour
SkinPen (FACE, NECK) x course of 3£4801 hour 20 minutes
SkinPen (Face) with Dermalux LED Photopherapy add on£2001 hour 20 minutes
SkinPen (FACE, NECK) with Dermalux LED phototherapy add on£2201 hour 40 minutes