Skin consultation

Skin consultation£1025 minutes

Laser hair removal

Single treatmentPriceDuration
Laser Hair Removal Consultation and Patch Test£1020 minutes
Hollywood Bikini line£7930 minutes
Brazilian Bikini line£6930 minutes
Standard Bikini Line£4925 minutes
Underarms£4920 minutes
Half Legs£7930 minutes
Full Legs£12940 minutes
Full Body Laser£2991 hour 30 minutes
Upper Lip£2920 minutes
Chin£2920 minutes
Upper Lip and Chin£4920 minutes
Neck£3920 minutes
Sideburns£1920 minutes
Full Face (excl neck)£5925 minutes
Full Face and Neck£6925 minutes
Beard Sculpting£4925 minutes
Full Back£12935 minutes
Buttocks£4925 minutes
Shoulders£4925 minutes
Monobrow£1920 minutes
Feet and Toes£2915 minutes
Hands and Fingers£2915 minutes
Chest & Abs£12945 minutes
Navel Line£2915 minutes
Half Arms£5925 minutes
Full Arms£7930 minutes
Multi areas treatmentPriceDuration
Hollywood, Full Legs, Underarms£2191 hour
Brazilian, Full Legs, Underarms£2091 hour
Bikini Line, Full Legs, Underarms£18955 minutes
Hollywood, Half legs, Underarms£16950 minutes
Brazilian, Half Legs, Underarms£15950 minutes
Full back and Shoulders£15950 minutes
Bikini Line, Half Leg & Underarms£14945 minutes


Morpheus8 Lower Face£4992 hours
Morpheus8 Lower Face x course 3From £1,1992 hours
Morpheus8 Full Face and Neck£6492 hours
Morpheus8 Full Face and Neck x course 3From £1,5592 hours
Morpheus8 skin resurfacing£3001 hour
Morpheus8 Eyes£2991 hour 10 mins

AlumierMD chemical peels

AlumierMD chemical peel1 peel6 peelsDuration
AlumierMD Detox Clear£65£32540 minutes
AlumierMD Bespoke Peel£90£45050 minutes
AlumierMD Vitamin A boost treatment£6532540 minutes
Add-on: LED Phototheraphy treatment – £25
AlumierMD mask treatmentPriceDuration
The Deep Moisturising Treatment Mask£3535 minutes
AlumierMD Aqua Infusion Treatment£3535 minutes
AlumierMD Deep Enzyme Treatment£3535 minutes
AlumierMD Refining Clay Treatment£3535 minutes


CryoPen treatmentStarting from £60Starting from 25 minutes

Dermalux LED phototherapy

Dermalux LED Phototherapy£4030 minutes
Dermalux LED Phototherapy x course 6 treatments£22030 minutes

SkinPen microneedling

SkinPen (FACE)£1791 hour
SkinPen (FACE, NECK)£1991 hour 20 minutes
SkinPen (Face) x course of 3£4301 hour
SkinPen (FACE, NECK) x course of 3£4801 hour 20 minutes
SkinPen (Face) with Dermalux LED Photopherapy add on£2001 hour 20 minutes
SkinPen (FACE, NECK) with Dermalux LED phototherapy add on£2201 hour 40 minutes

Anti wrinkle treatment

Anti Wrinkle treatment x 1 area£15025 minutes
Anti Wrinkle treatment x 2 areas£21025 minutes
Anti Wrinkle treatment x 3 areas£25030 minutes
Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Sweating£3501 hour 5 minutes
Eye Rescue Treatment£3025 minutes
Lip Flip/Smokers Lines Anti Wrinkle treatment£9025 minutes
Teeth Grinding treatment£20031 minutes

Skin boosters

Profilho Face (single treatment)£24030 minutes
Profilho Neck (single treatment)£24030 minutes
Profilho Neck (x 2 treatments)£44030 minutes
Seventy Hyal Skin Booster£15025 minutes
Seventy Hyal Skin Booster x course of 3£40025 minutes

Vitamin injections

Vitamin B12£3525 minutes
Hayfever injection£7025 minutes